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With the announcement of the partnership with TeamNL, Gillette kicks off the Olympic campaign towards Paris 2024, focusing on the various styles of men.

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Kimmann vs Badloe.

The campaign is supported by gold medalists Niek Kimmann for TeamNL Smooth and Kiran Badloe for TeamNL Styled. As part of the collaboration between Gillette and TeamNL, all male athletes of the Olympic and Paralympic TeamNL will be provided with GilletteLabs or King C Gillette products.


“The goal of the collaboration is not to emphasize the contrast, but rather to show that everyone is free to be who they are and to decide for themselves how they want to look,” says foiler Kiran Badloe.

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Brand ambassadors.

Which team do you choose?

“To be able to give my best every day, a good preparation and start to my day is essential. Facial care is an important part of that. Personally, I opt for an effortless shave with GilletteLabs, but of course, everyone is free to make this choice for themselves,” says BMX rider Niek Kimmann.

Men of TeamNL.

Male athletes of the Olympic and Paralympic TeamNL we’re asked to choose their style: TeamNL Smooth or TeamNL Styled?

TeamNL athletes Jorrit Croon, Niels Vink, Nyls Korstanje, Sam Schröder, Liemarvin Bonevacia and Casimir Schmidt shared their preferences with fans through unboxing videos!