World Trophy Rotterdam

The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Trophy is one of the largest timber sports spectacles in the world. In a head-to-head elimination race with 4 disciplines per round, the best lumberjacks in the world compete for victory.

How we
& defined
the strategy
and goals


SportVibes has been tasked with outlining the marketing strategy for the Benelux region. TIMBERSPORTS® has not yet reached the same level of prominence it enjoys in other continents/countries, and with the introduction of the TIMBERSPORTS® World Trophy, this was a unique opportunity to present the sport and STIHL to the Benelux region. The objectives of the collaboration are as follows:

  1. Create local media impact before, during, and after the event.
  2. Fill the Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf) for the television broadcast.
  3. Reach the relevant target audiences for STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® in the Benelux region.

Media & PR.

To generate as much attention as possible for the sport, we have outlined a PR and communication strategy with an impact on three specific target audiences: STIHL fans/users, sports fans (connection fans), and the next generation.

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Attention for the sport.

Because TIMBERSPORTS® is a relatively unknown sport in the Netherlands, it was important for the international organization to partner with a local sports marketing agency for the marketing strategy and PR planning. Explaining and introducing the sport was more important in the first phase than directly focusing on conversion. We worked on raising awareness of the sport through social advertising, influencer marketing, a physical roadshow, media buying, and a press event at the Rotterdam Markthal.


As part of the media/PR plan, a hybrid press event with tryouts was chosen at an iconic location in Rotterdam. TIMBERSPORTS® athletes demonstrated the sport in different shifts and provided explanations about the disciplines. The audience then had the opportunity to try out the single buck (long hand saw) themselves under guidance. With a roadshow leading up to the press event, a large part of the sports-loving Netherlands already became acquainted with the sport. Roadshow locations included Hyrox Rotterdam, Premier League of darts, Glory Kickboxing, and Obstacle Run Outdoor Valley.

Due to the media attention prior to the event, many requests also poured in during the timber sports competition itself, from TV and radio. Broadcasting occurred in more than 9 different radio programs and 4 TV channels in the Benelux.